Your budget, your choice

Pricing made simple


We like to keep things simple. No hourly billing just simple flat project fees. We offer payment plans that match your budget. Pay in full or take advantage of our monthly or weekly payment plans to get started today. Simply fill out the form on the “START HERE” page and pick a meeting time. This kicks off the project and we will discuss pricing and payment plans before starting.

It’s that simple.


How TGE works with you:

  • You kick-off a project by filling out our new project form.

  • You select when you would like to talk to one of our creative problem solvers.

  • We discuss the details and your business goals.

  • You receive a custom quote and timeline to match your unique objectives.

  • We collaborate to create the perfect solution for your brand.

  • We send final files to a printer of your choice.

  • When the final payment is made you receive all files to take control over your packaging demands. We also offer ongoing support to reorder packaging on your behalf.