What companies can I use for printing?

Any printer you like! We partner with you to find the best fit.

Here are your options:

  • Pick an online printer and we will order your packaging on your behalf until all project fees are paid. We also offer ongoing support and will order more packaging for you when you are running low.

    • Lumi - Packaging simplified. Thousands of e-commerce companies use Lumi to get world‑class packaging at unbeatable prices.

    • Packlane - Low minimums, fast production on short run shipping boxes. 

    • Sticker Mule - Easy online ordering, 4 day turnaround and free online proofs. Free shipping. Fast production. Full color printing. 

    • The Custom Boxes - Short run packaging Custom Printed Boxes & Custom Packaging solutions.

    • Packola - Design & order custom printed boxes in minutes!

    • Vistaprint - Everything to market your business.

    • Bags & Bows - The premier wholesaler of retail-packaging supplies since 1994.

    • Moo - Premium, Quality Paper. Choose Custom Designs. Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

    • There are lots of options. If none of these fit your needs send us an email and we can help find one that does.

  • If you need something custom a TGE partner printer may be the best option. We have local printers here in DFW Texas we have partnered with what will produce the specialty printed piece you envision. By using a printer were TGE is based you gain the benefit of:

    • A TGE team member working directly with the printer face-to-face.

    • We can do press checks on your behalf. We visit the printer prior to final production and do a final review of colors, text, images, and more to ensure the final piece is flawless.

    • You get a better price because of the relationship we have built over the years with the printers.

  • If you would like a printer in your town, no problem. We will find a printer close to you that has the printing capabilities for your project and start a new relationship on your behalf. A printer in your town can:

    • Eliminate shipping cost. You have the option of pick-up!

    • You can build a working relationship with them. Once they know your brand it is as easy as sending files to them.

    • You are able to do press checks. Don’t worry we will help you through it. You will have complete control over every aspect of your print.

    • Rush jobs are even faster! We hope there is never a need for a last minute order of packaging but it does happen. A printer in your town can expedite and pick-up makes it easy.

How long does it take?

Each design could take up to 2-4 weeks. We try to make sure you can put your new packaging to work quickly!

What if I don't like the design?

It is very rare but it happens. No worries. There is a plan! Refer back to the contract signed. You only pay for the work done. When you want to stop the project the work stops. You are in full control. Unfortunately, you cannot take any of the design presented to you with you for use. You only have a right to use the final artwork for your products.

What if I have an issue with the printing?

Oh No! We hope this never happens. If it does and we manage your artwork for you we will resolve the issues with printer on your behalf. If we do not manage your artwork and you would like our assistance we will gladly step in. If it is found that we are at fault we will work with you to fix the issue as quickly as possible. We want our clients to be proud of their final packaging. We are not responsible for errors made by the printer or errors in items approved before priting. Barcodes, typos, and other content elements are approved prior to printing.

What warnings do I need on my product or packaging?

TGE does not recommend and is not responsible for any legally required warnings. We suggest you contact a specialist that can advise you how to sell in each state. Note: California has the strictest packaging regulations in the U.S..

Does TGE provide barcodes?

We will create and place a barcode with the SKU or UPC you provide. We do not register them on your behalf. All barcodes must be approved before final approval of artwork. We can only fix barcodes on product packaging while the packaging is being designed. TGE is not responsible for barcodes during or after printing.

Do you do design things other than packaging?

We designed this site so I would be lying if I said not. We are a team of skilled designers that are currently focusing on perfecting our client's packaging design experience with us. As the company grows we will add more services. Stay tuned.

Help! I know I need packaging but I don't know what I want or need.

You are in luck! Just email us, discover@thegreatexpo.com, and we will set up a call to discuss your needs and direct you with how to make the first steps. We will make sure we help no matter how small your budget.

TGE does not offer at the moment:

  • Copywriting services for your packaging although we may suggest lines where it is appropriate.

  • Government and state warning compliance checks. All legal warnings required on the packaging must be provided to TGE.

  • Branding services. We work with your current logo and brand colors and type you provide to us. Additional cost may occur if extended font licenses need to be purchased.

  • We are a team of skilled designers that are currently focusing on perfecting our client's experience with us. As the company grows we will add more services. Stay tuned.

Are there any products you do not work with?

Yes, but let’s talk about it. We reserve the right to refuse a project or client. Not sure about your product? Let’s talk. Email discover@thegreatexpo.com