The Great Exhibition
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Say no to delivering plain brown boxes

First impressions are made in just 3-7 seconds.

Imagine your customer picking up a delivery off their doorstep with no clue what's inside. No excitement, no joy, just confusion. They are trying to solve this riddle and remember what they could have possibly ordered. Now imagine the joy on their face when they finally open the box and think, “Oh yeah, I remember.” Oh no! You delayed the “wow” or even worse, you didn’t get one.

A “wow” is a business going above the buyer's expectations and delivering a great unboxing experience. It’s understanding you have a captive audience and include up-sale inserts on other products. You may even give out the highly sought-after and forever cherished, promo code!

Not delivering the “wow” is a missed opportunity for you to gain a loyal customer. Custom packaging is not just for the big brands anymore and is easier to achieve than you may think. A custom box can make your shipments recognizable and it is a shipping billboard for your business. Boost sales and gain your customers' trust with a positive buying adventure from purchase to delivery. Differentiate your deliveries and products from your competitors and create a lasting memorable experience. Who knows, your “wow” unboxing could go viral.

Make every shipment a grand opening.


Designing your packaging in 4 easy steps

1. Tell us a little about what you need on the “START HERE” page.

2. Work with TGE to customize your unboxing experience.

3. We send files off for printing to a printer of your choice.

4. You put your new packaging to use and wow your customers!

It’s that simple.


We only take on a few new clients per month.

Lock in your spot before it’s too late.