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The nitty and the gritty

Let's get into the details.


Custom Packaging Design Made Easy


How we work with you:

  • You kick-off a project by filling out our new project form.

  • You select when you would like to talk to one of our creative problem solvers.

  • We discuss the details and your business goals.

  • You receive a custom quote and timeline to match your unique objectives.

  • We collaborate to create the perfect solution for your brand.

  • We send final files to a printer of your choice.

  • When the final payment is made you receive all files to take control over your packaging demands. We also offer ongoing support to reorder packaging on your behalf.


Your brand experience delivered to their welcome mat


As quick & easy as possible

We can take a speedy approach or proceed at a steady pace, the choice is yours. We do our best to fit your timeline. It is all determined on how many packaging structures you want and what other services you need. No matter what, we want you to be thrilled about the end result.


Why is packaging important?

Each brand is unique and that experience should continue throughout each touchpoint with your customers. Revolutionary brands understand brand consistency builds trust and you should have access to this too. We collaborate with you to bring your brand from screen to a magical unboxing experience. Make every shipment a grand opening.


Free Packaging Style Guidance

Not sure of what style you need? We have created an algorithm that can help determine the best style for your brand. It takes a few minutes but it is as easy as a Cosmo personality quiz.


Boxes, bags, & labels. Oh my!

Whether you are using an online printer like Moo, Sticker Mule, Lumi, or want a complete custom experience we can handle it all. We design custom packaging and will find a printer that fits your unique needs.